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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name's Alex, although I'm more commonly known as Andrea ADelheid (or just adedlheid). I'm a INA, Oregon developer who works for an awesome company called Automattic (. I also contribute to the open-source blogging software WordPress and have written quite a few WordPress plugins. You can read more about me on my about page.

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Biography ASD

Michael "Jag" Jagmin - Vocals
Nick Miller - Guitar
Joey Wilson - Guitar
Brian White - Bass / Screams
Kyle Simmons - Keyboards
Cory La Quay - Drums / Vocals

For their sophomore effort, and their first with new label Fearless Records, post-hardcore outfit A Skylit Drive have crafted a sweeping, innovative narrative with Adelphia. Born from the mind of guitarist Joey Wilson, this fictional, frozen metropolis was created to push the notions of what the band could achieve, and to reach a new level with their storytelling.

“We wanted Adelphia to represent and display the band’s growth and love for writing the best music we can,” said lead vocalist Michael “Jag” Jagmin of the multiple accounts within the album, out June 9th. “The songs are a collaboration of stories telling of the happenings within the boundaries of Adelphia. It's all different ways of explaining how wrong the city and its ways are, and how these two people are doing everything in their power to escape. All the songs are rooted back to what it would be like to defy everything and get away from it all.”

For these experimentalists from Lodi, California, Adelphia is a step in a challenging and dramatic direction. “It will tell everyone that we aren’t afraid to push any boundary,” Jagmin said. “We are willing to try anything no matter how out of the box it may be.”

A Skylit Drive’s first effort, Wires and The Concept of Breathing, landed them at a #9 debut on the Heatseekers chart, and has sold over 30,000 copies. The group is no stranger to online success as well, garnering over 18 million plays and staying in the MySpace Top 100 charts for over a year. Not a band to ever be satisfied or slow down, they also unleashed a live DVD in December 2008 titled Let Go Of The Wires, which featured five previously unreleased music videos, interviews and was a chance to display their incendiary stage antics.

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Live to Dance Judges

The Live To Dance judges other than Paula Abdul are choreographer, Travis Payne, and Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt. The judges on Live To Dance surprised everyone when they didn’t put through the contestants with the most heartwarming stories, such as the flight attendant who was obsessed with Abdul and the dancer who had a hearing problem.

Paula Abdul is back at the judges’ table on her new show Live to Dance, along with choreographer Travis Payne and Pussycat Dolls member Kimberly Wyatt. For tonight’s premiere, contestants competed to get on the short list for the semi-finals as they make their way to the finale where somebody, or a group of somebodies, will be named America’s best dance act. The pot of gold at the end of that rainbow is worth a nice $500,000 and unlike other competitions, there is no age limit so the lucky leprechaun can be 9 or 90.

Did you watch the new Paula Abdul dance show tonight? What did you think of the Live To Dance

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Chinese Crush For Stealth Fighter

Earn Money
Chinese Stealth Fighter

photos leaked online that appear to show a prototype of Chinese stealth fighter jet were discussed in state media Wednesday – a move that supports claims the country’s military aviation program is advancing faster than expected.

Both the English and Chinese language editions of the Global Times ran front-page articles on the photos of what appears to be a future J-20 fighter, along with extensive reports on the buzz the pictures have generated overseas.
Chinese Stealth Fighter
Photos of the plane appeared on unofficial military news websites and hobbyist blogs last week and were still viewable Wednesday.
A future Chinese stealth fighter has long been considered an inevitability. Deputy air force chief He Weirong told state broadcaster CCTV in November 2009 that China’s fourth-generation fighter – a reference to stealth technology – would begin flight testing soon and could enter service within eight to 10 years.

China’s aviation industry – both military and civilian – has made rapid progress in recent years but still relies heavily on imported technology. Propulsion technology has been a particular problem, with Russian engines still employed on China’s homemade J-10 fighter jets and the J-11, a copy of Russia’s Su-27

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